The “Class of 2023: College Application Experience” panel happened on Saturday, May 27th, from 2-3:30 p.m., hosted by Foundation Student Organization (FSO), the student arm to the FUHS Foundation. Current seniors from across the district described their experience with the college application experience and reflect on their journey throughout high school. There were two simultaneous sessions, as listed. Separate recordings were saved for each session, with their links and passwords provided below.

Session A: Sneha (CS at UIUC) and Gayathri (Recruited for tennis at Columbia).

Click to access Zoom link for Session A here

Password: yt@nt0^%

Session B: Yechan (West Point Military Academy), Sarah (Social Sciences at Cornell), and Selena (Business/Econ at Brown).

Click to access Zoom link for Session B here

Password: k4H1m!kj