Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Stanley Kou. I have recently been elected on the Fremont Union High School District Board. I have two sons who graduated from Cupertino High School and I have lived in Cupertino for over 26 years. I have two master’s degrees and have worked in the tech industry for 27 years now. I am looking to give back to the student community and district through the board position. 

Can you expand upon any of your previous leadership and community involvement experiences?

Previously, I have been elected as PTA President and School Council President. In order to enrich students and schools, I was also the President of the Education Enrichment Fund. Also, I am the Community Language School Principal. 

Why did you run to be elected?

I ran to be elected so that I can give back to the community and solve disparities in our school district while utilizing my past leadership experience. 

What are your plans and goals as board member?

I plan on supporting school programs and clubs that enrich students’ high school experience while focusing on students’ and teachers’ needs. 

What issues do you address that students should care about?

Firstly, equity. Making sure that all of the students have quality education, extracurricular, and occupational opportunities. Furthermore, I will work on support for the well-being of teachers, students, and parents, especially with regard to mental, social, and emotional assistance. Finally, I want to ensure that schools are fully equipped with licensed staff and professionals so that they can help students and their families.

What skills do you have which you believe make you qualified for this position?

I am a good listener and communicator, which is important for this position as we must effectively communicate with the school district and community. I am also kind and passionate in supporting education which ensures that students are the first priority when I am a board member. 

Any messages you want to share with students?

Do whatever you want but do it well and with your utmost effort. Always find ways to give back to the community!