Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Rosa Kim and I currently serve on the FUHSD Board. In addition, I am a committed member of the district’s COVID-19 Task Force and liaison to the Santa Clara County School Boards Association.

Can you please tell me about some of your leadership positions?

I serve as Vice President for Asian Pacific Islander School Board Members Association, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting API students and the API community. I have also served as a leader in multiple school boards and parent associations. I have 10+ years of experience as a teacher and principal of a local language school with 1000+ students. I have also volunteered to provide free counseling for under-resourced students and helped them with the college application process. 

What are your plans and goals as board member?

My priorities for this term will be to further strengthen students’ social and emotional wellness, develop more inclusive means of communication with all district stakeholders, and act on student voices reflecting the diversity of our schools. I will maintain comprehensive high school programs while attracting and retaining dedicated teachers. Our students are my top priority, so I want to bring in diverse perspectives. I also want students to feel more connected with their school, and I hope to bring more social and emotional learning education so that students gain more self-motivation. Moreover, I would like to connect immigrant parents with the school system and have more career development courses at all the schools in the district.